How to understand a genetic test

A genetic test looking for susceptibility to breast cancer is different from a simple blood exam. It has particularities that you should learn about.

In order for you to feel at ease during the genetic appointment, all the procedure is controlled by your specialized doctor/geneticist.

The advice from a trained professional should give you the confidence to decide if you want the test and to make other future decisions.

In this section, however, we will give you some indications on the procedure so you can understand it a little better:

Two-step testing :
Due to the nature of the genetic test, some families will not be able to take it 

Test limitations :
Contrary to what is believed, the test can be inconclusive 

> Results :
Depending on the test, a positive/negative result can mean different things

Confidentiality and insurance :
Learn about health and work laws relevant to genetic testing 

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