Side effects

Treatments for colorectal cancer are more and more effective fighting the disease. However, most available treatments still cause uncomfortable side effects. 

Not all patients suffer from them in the same way, depending largely on the medications and/or interventions prescribed.

If you are about to be treated for colorectal cancer, talk with your doctor about what side effects to expect, and how to minimize them.

Our leaflets also contain advice on how to cope with the side effects most commonly experienced during the different colorectal cancer treatments. They are usually reactions to chemotherapy, or sometimes radiotherapy.

Chemotherapy can also be used together with targeted therapies – for example monoclonal antibodies – but these have very specific side effects that WILL NOT BE MENTIONED HERE. If you are receiving this kind of therapy you need to get this information from your doctor.

Remember that you are about to initiate (or are already under) treatments that need time and tranquility, and it should be a priority to take care of yourself. Learn more about how to cope with this difficult period .

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