Understanding male breast cancer

Breast cancer is not a disease exclusive to women. 

Although much less common in men – it represents only 1% of all diagnosed breast cancers – it does occur.

In reality, the male and female breast structures are not that different until puberty. 
It is only from then that the female breast develops as result of hormones, while the male breast remains rudimentary. Due to this, the male risk of breast cancer is small, though if it occurs it can be even more dangerous than in women.

Male breast cancer usually, but not always, appears at a late age – around 60-70 years old – and its early detection is crucial, even more than that of women's.

  • This because the male breast has very little soft tissue allowing the disease to spread fast to other tissues, including the lymphatic system. 
    Once in the lymph, cancer cells will be carried around the body resulting in metastatic cancer, which is always much more difficult to treat.

Breast cancer is more frequent among men with a genetic predisposition

Despite the existence of  risk factors  connected with male breast cancer – including a strong family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer – it is impossible to predict who will and who will not develop the disease.

Learn more on  fact and numbers  of breast cancer in men.

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