Early detection

To reduce the risk of breast cancer, it is important that the tumors are detected before they become malignant, preferentially at early stages of growth, so when still very small.

Since this is a cancer with remarkably high incidence among women – approximately 1 in 9 will develop the disease –, early detection , or screening by mammogram, has added importance. This is even more important after the menopause, when the risk is higher.

To learn the anatomy of the breast allows a
better understanding of how a cancer appears,
how it is shaped and how it spreads. 

A mammogram is an x-ray
of the breast that allows
seeing inside it
to detect any potentially dangerous changes 

In young women who have not yet reached menopause, monitoring for early signs of breast cancer should be done through regular clinical exams and/or echography, or by performing self-exams of the breast at least once a month  (or breast awareness).

Learn more about detection and diagnosis

Women at highrisk of breast and/or ovarian cancer need additional preventive measures. These should be devised and closely followed by a specialized medical team. Learn more about this on High-risk women

 Reduce the isk
High-risk women
Act to prevent

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