How to do it?

  1. Look at yourself on the mirror and get familiar with the visual aspect of your breasts
  2. Touch the breast to get to know better how your breast feels (more smooth, more fibrous?)
  3. Find the best way and time to do it (for example during the shower in the morning)

Each woman has to find the most comfortable method but never forget:

  • Inspect the entire the breast, as well as its upper part and the underarms. 

If you find a change, don’t be scared:

  • Breast changes are normal;
  • Especially among young women, pseudo-lumps are normal before menstruation and tend to disappear after it;
  • Most nodules detected by palpation are benign;
  • They can simply be fibroadenoma or fibrocysts, which are non-malignant

Learn breast cancer’s   signals & symptoms  

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