Imaging tests

Imaging exams permit to view in detail the mammary tissue.

They are considered “methods for early detection and diagnosis” because they identify changes:

  • At very early stages; 
  • Sometimes even before any symptom;
  • Can advance diagnosis by identifying the type of change

Different imaging tests vary on the methods used to visualize tissues and identify changes, and consequently also on the precision and detail of their images.

Frequently they reveal different aspects of the same anomaly, so doctors often request several together to obtain a more complete picture of what is happening.

For example – an ultrasound can say if it is a mammary cyst or a tumor when the mammogram is inconclusive. This is because the ultrasound can distinguish between liquid structures (cysts) and solid structures (tumors). 

Cyst vs Malignant Tumor

Common imaging tests:

Others imaging tests:

  • Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) 
  • Digital mammogram 
  • Molecular breast imaging (MBI)
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